ApolloMed is rebranding as Astrana Health

Our Business

Managing Nearly A Million Medical Lives

Through our subsidiaries, we at ApolloMed provide administrative, medical management and clinical services to affiliated IPAs and medical groups. This umbrella of medical groups includes MSO, consolidated IPAs, and ACO, all of which have allowed us to become one of the nation’s largest population health management companies and one of few that provides the full spectrum of care.

With our affiliated physician groups and consolidated entities, we manage the medical lives of 0.9 million+ people across 20 states and territories.

Network Medical Management

Management services organizations (MSOs) provide management, administrative and other non-medical support services to medical companies and IPAs. Some of these services include, but are not limited to billing, collections and human resources.

Our NMM subsidiary operates as an MSO and provides services to medical groups and IPAs under master service agreements (MSAs). MSAs are long-term agreements, which typically have an initial term of 3-30 years and are generally not terminable by our affiliated IPAs and medical groups except in the case of bankruptcy, fraud, or other illegal acts by the contracting MSO. Through the MSA, NMM has exclusive authority over non-medical decisions related to business operations. The MSAs typically provide for management fees earned on a percentage of revenue or cash collections by physician practices.

Independent Physician Associations (IPAs)

Empowering independent physicians

An IPA is a group of doctors in a network. IPAs contract with physicians to provide care on a risk and values-based fee basis to Medicare, Medicaid, commercial and dual-eligible patients.

Care Partners

Our consolidated IPAs include the following companies:

  • Accountable Health Care IPA



APA ACO, Inc. is an Accountable Care Organization and subsidiary of ApolloMed. We are a physician-centric, tech-powered, value-based healthcare platform accelerating the transition towards a future where all can get access to high quality healthcare. Our organization has been taking professional and global risk since 1992, and has 35+ years of expertise in high quality, outcome-driven patient care. Today, our combined organization has approximately 0.9 million+ patients in value-based contracts and 10,000+ physicians. Our organization includes 6 consolidated Independent Physician Associations (IPAs), 9 additional managed IPAs, and 10+ facility and ancillary services groups, covering endocrinology, dermatology, pediatrics, gastroenterology, OB-GYN, and more. Our Management Services Organization (MSO) provides administrative, tech, and care management support to our providers, and our proprietary population health management platform enables us to tailor care delivery for our patients and achieve high quality outcomes. We have had a strong track record in ACO programs; over the last 2 publicly reported performance years, we were the #1 performing ACO in gross savings generated for Medicare in the Next-Generation Accountable Care Organization (NGACO) program, while delivering high-quality care to our patients.

Commercial Accountable Care Organization (ACO) & Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)

Commercial Accountable Care Organization (ACO) & Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) An accountable care organization (ACO) is a group of providers that join together to coordinate care for patients and are accountable for the quality, cost, and overall care of their aligned beneficiaries. An exclusive provider organization (EPO) is a health plan that delivers care under risk-bearing and capitated arrangements with employers. Members must use their local network of providers for care. Together, our ACOs and EPOs manage 59,000 members’ medical lives.